Using Artificial Neural Networks And More To Forecast The Stock Market


Have you ever imagined how awesome it would be to predict with great probabilities the ups and downs of the stock market? That is what you get here!

This service is suited for daytraders as well as swing traders. Stock traders will also benefit from the forecasts provided, which will help them capitalize at the right time on their favorite stocks.

We provide short term intraday forecasts as well as intermediate term daily forecasts. With the forecasts provided, you will be able to invest at the right time as well as manage risk according to your risk profile and investment horizon.

To put it in simple terms, our model uses different inputs, does its computations and gives an output (forecast). If the model performs well on the testing set, it can be expected to perform well on the forecast. As you can see in the charts below, there is a testing zone and a forecast zone. In red, you have the testing forecast results (outputs) and in black you have the real stock market price movements.


Here is an intraday example on day 1 of the testing as well as the forecast for the next day.


How did the market perform on day 2 (the next day) ? It followed the forecast with great accuracy. In the chart below, you see how well in the forecast zone, the black line (real price market movements) follows the red line (the forecast made the prior day).



The intermediate term daily forecasts use the same methodology than the intraday forecasts. That is, we have a testing zone as well as a forecast zone. It is very useful for swing traders, stock traders as well as daytraders.

Here is an example of a daily forecast made a few months ago.


How did the market perform the next few months ? Take a look yourself, the market followed the forecast very well. Perfect for swing traders and daytraders !



You can now sleep better at night knowing how the market will likely perform !

This will change the way you see the market forever !

This is your opportunity to profit !